chapter 4

Lesson 1: How Google Search Works

Video transcript

To understand why this process is so effective for SEO, or search engine optimization, it's important to understand where we are in the landscape of SEO, where Google is in its history. Because when we think about SEO and search engine optimization, we're mainly thinking about Google, because they have 70 percent of the market share, meaning 70 percent of the search volume and organic traffic that you will get to your eCommerce business will come from Google.

Now, Google recently rolled out, a few years ago actually, something called universal search and what universal search is, is when you type in a search query, let's say you type in the query "costume wigs", well, Google's going to list multiple different media formats. They're going to have videos. They're going to have image results. They're going to have what I call "buyer engines," like Amazon, or comparison shopping engines. They're going to have eCommerce sites. So they're going to have all these different types of media formats in their search result page.

Now, Google understands the difference between an informational query like "how to build a chicken coop". If you put in that word, you're going to get news results, you're going to get blog results, you're going to get other media formats. Google understands that different people prefer to consume media in different formats, and their goal, their stated goal, their mission statement is to organize the world's information, and specifically organize it in a way that is easy to consume for their searcher because that is their product. Their product is a search engine. They want as many relevant results as possible. So now when we look at a search engine result page for any given query, we know that there is going to be a video result, there's going to be an image result, there's going to be a blog result, so you have all these different media formats.

Now when we're doing our content creation, we're taking one piece of content and we're syndicating it into multiple different media formats, which allows us to be able to take up multiple spots on the first page of Google for any given query. So it's your job to have the right kind of content optimized and uploaded to the proper places so it gets classified as relevant by Google for whatever queries that you want to rank for, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that in this course. Now it should be noted that that is your goal.

Your goal is to have Google consider your content to be the most relevant piece of content for whatever search query that you are going after. That's your goal with SEO. You want your content, your different pieces of media to be classified and considered by relevant for whatever search queries that you want to rank for. Now we're going to cover a lot of the structural and optimization type stuff as we create the content and as we post the content I'll show you that in the videos in the course, but just for fun, let's head over to Google real quick and look at a couple results, and look at some live examples of pieces of content like this ranking for different search queries.

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