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Bobby Kim, Co-Founder of The Hundreds

“It’s nice to have someone on the backend that handles the infrastructure and how the sales are moving while we can concentrate on what’s really important for us, which is documenting our lifestyle and telling the story of The Hundreds.”

Bobby KimCo-Founder of The Hundreds

Experience how The Hundreds merge culture, fashion, and commerce on Shopify Plus


Look brilliant… in every size

Shopify Plus’ meant-for-mobile storefronts are designed responsive from the ground up

Optimize the look and feel of your site across devices easily and quickly. Go beyond beautiful to make mobile-first conversions intuitive with branded checkouts and payment gateways like Apple Pay, PayPal, or Shopify Pay’s one-click confirmation. Merge in-store retail with mobile browsing to capture and engage your customer at every step in the purchase process.


Create multiple storefronts — from New York to Milan

International ecommerce to leverage local trends, seasons, and languages

Make your mark on ecommerce’s soon-to-be $355 billion worldwide clothing and accessories industry. Rely on the speed of dual content delivery networks for global visitors. Personalize your sites to meet customers where they live and unearth new international opportunities driven by data.


Never let them see you sweat

With zero outages on fashion’s peak buying days, you can process thousands of transactions a minute without worrying downtime

Shopify Plus gives you the confidence and control to experiment, test new markets, update products, and maximize customer value.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 million hits per second
  • 6,000 checkouts per minute
  • 99.97% uptime
Ben Francis, Founder of Gymshark

“We have huge, huge traffic spikes because we have such a strong core consumer and fan base. They all hit the [previous] website and it just crashed. When we moved from Magento to Shopify Plus, rather than taking months and months to replatform it took weeks. We could concentrate on what we’re really, really good at, which is our customers, our brand, and our product.”

Ben FrancisFounder of Gymshark


Immerse the senses

Craft dazzling online and offline experiences as unique, expressive, and personal as your brand

A fully customizable frontend to showcase your style is just the start. Create online look books, true-to-life videos, and even interactive content through AR and VR technology. Then, bring it to life. Shopify’s universal POS powers pop-up shops, product drops, and live events. Sync products, inventory, and customer data automatically across all your channels and expressions.



Do more than advertise and engage

Sell natively on the networks where fashion lives: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Create a shoppable Instagram feed onsite. Get conversational with Shopify Plus’ chat integrations on Messenger or Kik. Choose from thousands of professionally built apps or our curated Technology Partners to leverage influencers, user-generated content, and reviews. Unite everything in a single backend no matter where you style, sell, and connect.


End the struggle to hand stitch your campaigns

Shopify Plus gives you exclusive access to Launchpad, the first tool designed to unleash demand-generating campaigns at scale

Create invitation-only and limited-release product collections. Push selected styles to 20 different sales channels simultaneously. Schedule roll outs and theme updates while monitoring your analytics in real time.

Samantha Donohue, IT expert at Evy’s Tree

“When a product goes live hundreds of customers immediately begin ordering at the same time. Shopify Plus has been a great move for us. Reliability is super important to us and we know we can count on Shopify when we launch a product.”

Samantha DonohueIT expert at Evy’s Tree

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