theory11 chose Shopify after Magento disaster

theory11 was founded in 2007 by magician prodigy Jonathan Bayme with the goal of advancing the art of magic. The organization creates and sells magic products and videos created in-house to share (some of) their secrets. After cycling through five ecommerce solutions in as many years, theory11 converted to Shopify because of its simplicity, functionality and reliability.

Jonathan Bayme

CEO of theory11

Outgrowing other platforms

We’d gone through four or five ecommerce platforms because we outgrew the scalability or the feature set of those platforms. The big tipping point for us was when we were using Magento and we thought, ‘How could this go wrong?’ We found out the answer, and it was about 900 different ways.

Shopify is better than any other ecommerce platform we’ve ever played with, and we’ve played with the whole gamut.

Smooth transition

With Magento, it was a giant mess when we moved from one solution to another. With Shopify, it just worked. It was shockingly smooth. It was scarily quiet in our support queue the next day. ‘Are we not getting orders? Is something wrong?’ These were actual questions because suddenly things were working and they were working faster.

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Impressive API

Shopify has a remarkable API that empowered us to make our own admin dashboard, tailored specifically to the needs of our business. Using Shopify’s API functionality, we were able to create tools and custom functions that make order processing as streamlined as we could ever imagine – from the order being placed on the website to being automatically exported to our warehouse every morning.

More time for innovation

We’ve had a dozen big product releases since we launched and none of them have made a tiny dent on Shopify’s infrastructure. We’ve had no late nights worrying. For the first time in three years, we can worry about what new features we can add, and how we can improve the design. The last thing we have to worry about is the scalability and reliability of Shopify.

Black Friday

We processed thousands of orders on Black Friday alone, without any issues of scalability or concurrent connections. We released four new products at once, and Shopify servers faced enormous demand without breaking a sweat. Even at peak moments, we noticed no degradation in load-time throughout Black Friday, our largest shopping day of the year.