Never choose between sales channels

Give your customers the freedom to shop any way they like

Multi-channel devices


Shopify’s ecommerce system lets you build your own online store from the ground up. With beautiful themed templates, backend content management, secure hosting, credit card processing and insightful reporting, Shopify brings your online sales strategy to life.


Shopify POS takes omni-channel retailing to another level with an innovative and powerful iPad app that transforms your tablet into a convenient, portable cash register in your retail store. Browse product catalogs, fulfill orders, swipe all major credit cards and print or email receipts right on the spot.


Shopify makes it possible to run your business no matter where you are. No interruptions and no limitations. With full capabilities that include order fulfillment, credit card reading and inventory management, now your company can go wherever you go.

Omni-channel retailing is easy

From your laptop, phone or tablet, run your store anyway, anywhere with full commerce support

Automated data syncing

In real time, the Shopify platform automatically syncs your products, orders, inventory and customer information in the cloud so you can access everything you need on any device.

Keep track of what you’re selling

Information is power! Shopify gives you detailed reports that help you dissect and understand every aspect of your business and your customers.

Additional apps, enhanced functionality

With hundreds of apps to choose from, you can modify, customize and adapt Shopify to meet your personal preferences and business demands.

Accept payments from any device

Process orders online, in-store and on the go

Fast, easy and secure checkouts for your retail business

Instant payments

From your computer, iPad or mobile phone, you can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express payments from your customers. Shopify offers low discount rates and no hidden fees.

Safe and secure data

With certified, Level 1 PCI compliancy, Shopify gives your business the same level of security as the big banks. Every credit card transaction is fully protected by advanced encryptions that ensure all payment and customer related information is safe.

Accept payments on iPad

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