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The 2020 Commerce Awards submissions period has officially closed. We received a record number of submissions this year, which our team of judges will review in the coming weeks. Thank you to the Shopify Partner community for showing us why you’re the best in the ‘biz. Winners announced in Spring 2021.

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Recap of prizes

Community-wide recognition, 1:1s with industry leaders, and brand new at-home studio equipment. We selected the 2020 Commerce Awards prizes to help partners take their businesses to the next level.

Access exclusive 1:1s with some of the best in the ‘biz.

Complete with a webcam, AV kit, and Yeti microphone, this box has everything you need for the ultimate work from home setup.

Grow your following with opportunities like Shopify Partner Town Hall takeovers and exposure on

Get ready to strut the virtual red carpet with a digital celebration that’s first of its kind.

Take home the trophy, customized for your award category.

Share your achievements with your community with a Commerce Awards Winner logo, perfect for placing on websites or marketing materials.

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Past winners

Winning a Commerce Award can help you generate new clients, build connections, and profile your work. Learn how our community of past winners leveraged this program to amplify their businesses.

Francesca Vassiliades, Co-founder of Series Eight
Francesca Vassiliades, Co-founder of Series Eight

build your reputation and credibility “[Winning a 2017 Commerce Award] mainly supported our pivot towards building Shopify stores as an agency, and equally it helped build our reputation and credibility in the space for potential clients to say yes; that’s the agency I want to work with.”

Peter Humphrey, Executive Director, Half Helix
Peter Humphrey, Executive Director, Half Helix

work with ambitious brands “The Commerce Awards changed our business. After we were recognized by the Commerce Awards, we were contacted by The Shopify Plus Partnerships team, and made our way into the early days of the Shopify Plus Partner Program. Because of this support, we've been able to work with the most ambitious brands on Shopify Plus today.”

Sara Mote, Creative Director, Mote Agency
Sara Mote, Creative Director, Mote Agency

connect with collaborators “We believe that technology can create a meaningful positive impact for our world and being recognized by Shopify in the Commerce Awards allowed us to connect with collaborators who share our values.”

Björn Forsberg, Founder, FORSBERG+two
Björn Forsberg, Founder, FORSBERG+two

open doors and opportunities “Winning a Shopify Commerce Award opened a lot of doors and opportunities within the ecosystem. It really helped position me and my apps as go-to solutions in their space, while also adding exposure and partnership opportunities at the same time. It added that extra level of trust that can be so hard to create in a large marketplace.”