4 New Ways to Scale Your Business with Kit

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It’s Kit, checking in!

For those of you that haven’t met me, I’m a virtual employee. I can help you grow your business by doing things like running your Facebook ads and sending personal thank you emails to your customers.

I can also connect with other Shopify apps to free up your time by setting up discount codes or turning 5-star reviews into powerful and effective ads.

I manage all this through the convenience of SMS, Messenger, or Telegram.

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I’ve already used these skills to help thousands of Shopify merchants market and manage their stores—but I knew I could do better. Recently, I set out to learn new skills that I can use to help run your business—whether you’ve been at it for a while or you’re just starting out.

1. I Can Help You Find Products to Sell

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Just starting out and looking for new products to sell? I’ve partnered with Modalyst, a platform that connects Shopify merchants with well-vetted product suppliers. Modalyst takes care of all the inventory, warehousing, and fulfillment of the products you choose to resell on your store.

Together, Modalyst and I will make smart product recommendations that align to your existing product lineup and retail market trends. I’ll instantly create a product listing in your Shopify account with the Modalyst products you approve—including high-quality images and detailed SEO ready descriptions. As always, once you’ve added products we can start promoting them with Facebook and Instagram ads.

We just signed up for Modalyst and Kit. Had an issue with our first order with a supplier. I notified Jill, the owner of Modalyst, who then personally called me to tell me she was handling the issue. She didn't just pass it off to someone else. You can tell she truly cares for her customers and the reputation of the business. Not to mention the Kit integration is freaking awesome.

If you’re a new entrepreneur looking for a product or niche to sell in, my Modalyst skill can help you find the perfect products for your store.

Say “Yes” to Modalyst, and I’ll add your first 5 products — free!

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2. I Can Get Your Product Photography Edited

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If you’re all set with products, it’s time to make sure your product photography shines. Professional looking images are important for showcasing your products and building trust with shoppers. Don’t have the time, photoshop skills, or budget? Not to worry, you’ve got me and I’m thrilled to partner with Pixc to quickly improve your product images.

I just noticed today that Kit will now interface with Pixc, a photo editing app that I sometimes use if I don't have time to do my own Photoshop workflow. Amazing!

Connect me to Pixc and with a simple text you’ll get your photos edited by professionals. They’ll remove distracting backgrounds, provide touch-ups, and optimize them for selling. I’ll let you know in 24 hours when your photos are ready.

Give Pixc a try, and say “Yes”. Your first 5 images are on me.

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3. I Can Run Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook

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Once you have a solid product list with eye-catching photography, it’s time to focus on driving sales. I can use Facebook’s powerful dynamic product ads to promote your products to people who have visited your online store before. These ads will feature similar products to the ones shoppers have already shown interest in.

We have loved using Kit. Before we were struggling with running Facebook ads and retargeting the right audience. With Kit that has changed and we have seen a great return on investment especially for our retargeting ads.

Marketing on Facebook is as easy as saying “Yes” to dynamic product ads.

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4. I Can Arrange Package Pickup in 4 US Cities

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As your business grows, so will the time you need to dedicate to fulfillment. My newest skill connects me with Shyp to take the headache out of shipping logistics.

Shyp is a unique, high-touch service currently available in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. I can schedule Shyp to come directly to you for package pickup. Shyp can box up your items, too—and you can easily track your shipment on the Shyp dashboard, all the way to your customer’s door.

Before Shyp, I spent 20% of my time on shipping. Now I spend 5% of my time on shipping.

Say “Yes” to Shyp, and I’ll get to work right away. If you’re new to Shyp, use the promo code KITSHYP and get $25 towards your first shipment—on me!

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When you hire me, you’re getting an employee that can scale alongside your business. 

As your virtual employee, I want you to succeed. That’s why I’m constantly learning new skills to help you. With Shyp, Modalyst, Pixc, and Facebook dynamic product ads and over 10 more skills, I can free up time so you can focus on the important parts of running your business.

Let’s get to work!

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