Refer 5 Friends to Shopify – and Your Store is Free!

Refer 5 Friends to Shopify – and Your Store is Free!


This promotion is no longer available.  However, did you know you can be a Shopify Affiliate?

For every friend that you refer to Shopify, you'll receive 20% of what they pay us each month for as long as they remain a customer.

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Word of mouth is our best form of advertising. Today, we're giving you one more reason to spread the word about Shopify: the Tell-a-Friend rewards program.

Talk, tweet and tell your friends about your favorite ecommerce platform. Your friends will get to use Shopify for free for 30 days. And as a thank-you gift, once five of your friends are paid Shopify customers, we'll waive your monthly Basic or Professional plan fee.
Here's how it works: 

Log in to your Shopify admin panel, scroll to the bottom of any page and click "psst.... want Shopify free?" to access the Tell-a-Friend page.  


This promotion is no longer available.  However, did you know you can be a  Shopify Affiliate

The Tell-a-Friend page gives you a special link which you can send to others using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail or any social media platform you choose. You can even set up a badge on your storefront for your visitors to click on. You’ll also be able to track which friends you've referred to Shopify, and how far away you are from a free Shopify plan. 
If you're not yet a Shopify store owner, check out our Partner Program. You can receive a 20% lifetime commission on any customers you refer. 

Fine print: Free plans via the Tell-a-Friend program do not include any additional fees charged by apps, costs incurred by buying a domain name or a theme, any transaction fees, or any other ancillary or incidental fees. Sorry guys, have to keep the lawyers happy.


  • Jason
    September 20 2012, 11:43AM

    This is a really nice little bonus. I’ve already refered a bunch of people to shopify (so I wish this came out a while ago) but still, very nice.

  • Kevin
    September 20 2012, 04:15PM

    Just curious — if I refer people via your partners program and they refer people, do I receive a commission for their referrals?

  • Donovan
    September 20 2012, 05:26PM

    Is ir for life? What happens if the friend’s cancel their subscriptions at some stage? Thanks

  • Mari
    September 21 2012, 07:40AM

    I can’t see the link either!

  • Jane
    September 21 2012, 07:58AM

    If a client we have referred does end up getting a free shopify plan (through their own referrals), what happens to our commission for that client?

  • Jill
    September 21 2012, 08:37AM

    my admin pages do not have the pssst….want Shopify for Free?
    I have already told my brother in law about how awesome Shopify is, before I even knew about this friend referrel!
    Would like to put him on the refer a friend referrel because I think he will ultimately join with you.

  • Adam
    September 21 2012, 09:11AM

    If the link is there, I am not seeing it.

    Is it not available for everyone?

    Or has it just not been rolled out for everyone yet?

  • @Shopify Craig
    September 21 2012, 10:09AM


    To reply to some of the questions that have been asked above:

    “I can’t see the ‘psst… want Shopify for free?’ link”

    - You are probably not on a basic or professional plan. We had to limit this reward program to those two plans because otherwise someone on the unlimited plan ($179/mo could refer themselves on the basic plan five times and only pay 5*$29=$145/mo).

    - You may be in your free 30 day trial. If that’s the case then once you become a paid subscriber, you’ll see the link.

    - You may be using Shopify2. We didn’t add it there yet, so just jump back to Shopify Classic and you’ll be able to see the link.

    In all cases, your friend link is simply: So for example, if your store address was when you signed up, your URL will be You can use that link to tell your friends and we’ll track it, we just can’t credit you with a free account in some cases (as described above).

    “What happens if the friend’s cancel their subscriptions at some stage?”

    As long as you have five friends paying us a bill each month, then your account is free. So if someone cancels their subscription, then they no longer count. We had to do this to prevent abuse (otherwise you could sign up yourself five times, then cancel all of them and enjoy Shopify for free).

    I suggest that once you hit the five person number you keep promoting Shopify. If you have seven or eight friends using Shopify, then even if one leaves your account still stays free.

    “If I refer people via your partners program and they refer people, do I receive a commission for their referrals?”

    Shopify’s partner program has always been one level. If you refer someone that refers someone else, then you don’t get credit for that second level of referral.

    If you are asking if you will be paid as a partner for someone you refer via the affiliate program that gets their account made free (because of 5 friends), then yes.


  • Julie Jackson
    Julie Jackson
    September 21 2012, 12:19PM

    I don’t see the “tell-a-friend” link at the bottom of my pages. Is this program identical to the Partner program? I’m confused.

  • Rebecca
    September 21 2012, 08:52PM

    So you are basicly asking us to talk about you, and fish 5 of our friends to register. And wait for them to complete their trial period ( 30 days ). Let’s say all went perfect, everybody registered to basic paid plan which is $29/mo. Cool. Now, For the beginning you already got in total: $145 in pocket from my 5 friends. Which also means that; you are gonna collect this $145 every month from them. So you just $116/mo only from me. Oh by the way, please do not forget, from each transaction of the new shop owners – you will get 2.0% transaction fee.

    Well, thanks guys !

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    September 24 2012, 09:37AM

    Julie: Take a look at the comment above yours, from Craig, who lists the reasons you may not see the link in your admin.

    Rebecca: The program is opt-in so there’s no pressure to participate. Also, if you do sign up for the program, you can simply put the link in the footer of your store and gain referrals from that. A few people who have signed up haven’t done any ‘promoting’ other than a quick link and they’re already on their way to a free Shopify account.

  • Natalie Robb
    Natalie Robb
    October 10 2012, 10:04AM

    I am a part of the partner program, since I am a designer, can I also use my clients as referrals and eventually get myself a free site!?:) I’d love to be able to refer them to shopify and continue to get my partner commission as well as get this deal for a free plan as well. What sort of link would I need to have them sign up on to do that.

  • kriton Rountos
    kriton Rountos
    April 14 2014, 04:52AM

    is this post outdated?

    I can’t find the link to refer a friend…

    Let me know – thanks,

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