Google Launches an E-Commerce Certification Program Called "Trusted Stores"

Google Launches an E-Commerce Certification Program Called "Trusted Stores"

Google Launches an E-Commerce Certification Program Called "Trusted Stores"Today Google announced it's starting a new ecommerce certification program called "Trusted Stores." Once it's up and running, stores that go through an approval process with Google will be allowed to display a "Google Trusted Store" badge. The badge is intended to give consumers a boost of confidence and comes with a $1,000 consumer purchase protection guarantee. 

When a consumer hovers their curser over the badge, a live report card of sorts will pop up. Grades like A+, A, B, will be awarded for quality of service features like reliable shipping and customer service. 

Right now it's in the super-early stages (limited beta), but all Shopify online stores can apply to participate. Google isn't able to accept every application and you need a great history of customer service and reliable shipping to even be considered.

You can learn more by watching Google's overview video:  

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  • Anthony
    October 03 2011, 04:30PM

    Good job google. :)

  • tyler
    February 01 2012, 06:38PM

    Does anyone know of a Shopify App that would automate the required Shipping Feed Google requires for this program???

  • Tyler
    February 02 2012, 09:12AM

    For that matter, does anyone know if Shopifys cart will even work with Google Trusted stores? I can’t get a straight answer from the phone support guys and I am going from frustrated to pissed off at this point. If we can’t control the actual check out process code, how will this google code be allowed on the checkout pages to qualify for this program????

  • Frank
    July 23 2012, 04:18PM

    Excellent! I’m glad they’ve done this.

  • Nam
    December 20 2012, 03:29PM

    We have it all setup but it’s missing one component that needs shopify’s help. To participate in this google must receive a shipment feed and a cancellation feed to link orders to shipments. Is there a way to generate a feed of this for google?

  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 07:36AM

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