Domains by Shopify

Domains by Shopify

Valentines Day at Shopify. You can now buy domains through the Shopify Admin.

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your Shopify store? Let’s face it, chocolates and flowers have been overplayed. This year, surprise the store you love with a custom domain name using Domains by Shopify, our brand new domain registration service that’s built to make your life easier.

Starting today, we will be allowing you to search and secure the perfect domain name all within your store’s admin. Simply pick a domain and it will automatically point to your Shopify store. With easy domain forwarding you don’t have to worry about the nitty gritty of modifying DNS settings and CNAME records… we do it for you.

Most domains will cost $25 (“.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.biz” and more). Some domains cost $35 (“.co”, “.me”, “.ws”, “.ch”), and a couple cost $45 (“.tv” and “.mx”). All registration costs associated with the domain name are taken care of.

All domain names come fully equipped with the following awesomeness:

  • 1 year of use, automatically renewed until you cancel your Shopify store or domain;
  • Automatic setup of,, and;
  • Automatic creation of and, set to forward to your email address;
  • Optional integration with Google Apps for more sophisticated email and collaboration requirements;
  • Optional access to full DNS configuration, in case you need to make manual changes.

Domains by Shopify takes a complicated process and makes it quick and easy. Happy Valentine’s Day.



  • Karon Beasley
    Karon Beasley
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Can i go ahead and sign up? Do I need to do anything with
    Karon Beasley

  • Horny Goat Weed
    Horny Goat Weed
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Sounds good at $25 and with a logical layout in the Shopify style we all know and love will be a winner for sure.

  • Derek
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    If you have established a shopify store already with a domain, how does this help?

  • John Graham
    John Graham
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Can I transfer my current domain

  • Gerhard Vana
    Gerhard Vana
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    @shopify: what a great service guys! This will really help new store owners to get up and running with ease. No more CNAMEs, etc. etc.

    @john green: failure to sell isn’t a platform issue; it’s a marketing or product issue. I’d recommend that you head over to the forums ( where we have a lively group of store owners, developers and designers who’d be glad to assist where possible.

  • John Green
    John Green
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    I have been paying $24 per month for this site and I have not sold one item or even produced an inquiry….
    Any thoughts?

  • Mak
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Funny you guys added the .mx domain when you dont want to support latam payment gateways.


  • Alex H
    Alex H
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Who is your partner for domain registration? Looks like some pretty cool extras in there.

  • Jack
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    Ah yay, a feature that’s been long overdue! Nice work guys.

  • @Shopify Aurelien
    February 14 2011, 04:32PM

    @John Graham – You currently can’t transfer your domain name. However you can still point your domain name that you purchase elsewhere to your Shopify store.

    @Derek – This feature will be very helpful to those would want to get a new or additional domain names for their store.

    @john green – You have done a great job adding your products. I would suggest two things: (1) Change the default text that Shopify provides with your own on the About Us page and first blog post; it will make your store look more professional and inspire your customers’ confidence. (2) As Gerhard mentioned, you need to market and promote your store; focus on simple ideas that will get you your first ten sales. Create a launch promotion among your friends and family for example.

    Thanks for all the great feedback!

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