Tip #3: Test, Test & Test More

Tip #3: Test, Test & Test More

Test, Test & Test More. Do lots of tests to identify what works. Shopify has capabilities to integrate with Google Web Optimizer so you really have no excuse than being lazy. Even the tiniest of things can make big differences.- Melvin Ram of Web Design Company

Watch this video by the Google Web Optimizer team to learn more about A/B testing.

Tip #3: Test, Test & Test More

To run your own experiments within Shopify. Log in your admin panel and look for the “Website Optimizer Experiments” section under the “Marketing” tab. Click on “Create a New Experiment” and follow the steps.

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  • Tony
    October 17 2012, 05:40AM

    Web Optimizer is no longer available and the link above is now broken. Similar functionality now exists in Google Analytics Experiments feature

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