Shopify & Less Accounting

Shopify & Less Accounting

Less Accounting is a hosted accounting package that takes the headaches out of accounting.

We are excited to announce that Shopify and Less Accounting don’t just go great together, but they now also talk directly to each other: Once you activate the integration in your Less Accounting admin interface, orders will be automatically imported and synchronized once a night.

Shopify & Less Accounting

If you still use an offline accounting package this is a great opportunity to make the jump to online software.



  • Suzanne
    March 04 2009, 03:28PM

    Great step!

    Do you still plan to create integration with commonly used offline software like quickbooks and quicken?

  • M
    March 04 2009, 03:28PM


    I can’t find this feature in the Less Accounting admin interface. Can you give some more specific instructions?


  • florida web design
    florida web design
    March 04 2009, 03:28PM

    I love Less Accounting. It’s like the equivalent of Shopify for accounting.

  • David
    March 04 2009, 03:28PM

    @M – You can find it in Help section.

  • sackbousbaw
    June 17 2011, 05:53AM

    I agree, it’s I like, probably next

  • brighter solutions plus
    brighter solutions plus
    August 16 2013, 11:30AM

    when is shopify going to have Wave Accounting integration? thanks!

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