Product Bulk Import updated

Product Bulk Import updated

Product bulk imports has been updated to help importing go smoother and faster.

We’ve introduced a preview screen which validates that your CSV file you’ve submitted is valid. If Shopify detects any errors, you’ll be notified and given the chance to update and resubmit your import. Nothing’s worse that finding out an hour later that you missed out an important field.

If your CSV file is valid, we will provide you with an estimate of the number of products, SKUs and images Shopify expects to import, and also previews the first product (and it’s variants). This is a way for you to verify that Shopify will import your products in the manner that you expect it to.

We’ve updated the wiki with more information on our Help section for Products.

Bulk Import Preview Screen:

Product Bulk Import updated



  • Jeffrey Woods
    Jeffrey Woods
    August 13 2008, 07:46AM

    Do have a sample csv file that we could download? I am a visual person, and while I believe I understand what I am reading regarding the csv formatting, I have quite a few color variants for each of my products and want to make sure I get it setup correctly :)


  • @Shopify Tobias Lütke
    Tobias Lütke
    August 13 2008, 07:46AM

    You can download the template.csv after clicking on the bulk import link. It provides a good starting point for more complex imports.

  • Trevor Stafford
    Trevor Stafford
    August 19 2011, 08:56PM

    Are we able to use this to make batch product edits or will Shopify consider it an upload of new products?

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    August 23 2011, 03:32PM

    @Trevor: You can choose whether the uploaded data over-writes existing data. Always be sure to back up your original CSV download!!!

  • Blake
    March 14 2013, 09:46AM

    If you are on Shopify 2 you can’t download the template. It is no longer linked in the “import link”. You guys need to make it available somewhere.

  • Jonathan
    May 06 2013, 08:27PM

    Hi, Could you please let me know how many variants are allowed for import. Because my import csv fail as I have 1 product (Tahitian Cultured Pearl) with 300 variants (based on 12 sizes, 5 colors and 5 surface quality)

  • Anthony
    July 24 2013, 06:30AM

    This looks like a great feature.

    Is it still possible to export the product info to a CSV?

  • Kim eChic
    Kim eChic
    July 09 2014, 04:52PM

    Is it possible to beg for more meaningful error messages
    Line 211-213: Validation failed: Options are not unique Line 1416-1431: Validation failed: Options are not unique Line 2189-2190: Validation failed: Options are not unique

    Would it be possible just to add the failing product’s HANDLE? It would vastly reduce the amount of time taken to find errors.

  • Steve
    July 16 2014, 03:49PM

    I second Kim. Line numbers in the error message to match line numbers in csv/excel. We need the handle.

    Also import ignores existing handles even though I check overwrite.

  • Stephane Halle
    Stephane Halle
    August 16 2014, 12:21PM

    I am in the same boat right now; I get the error ‘Line 1339-1340: Validation failed: Options are not unique’. It’s difficult and extremely time consuming to find the error when the product isn’t identified and the line number is meaningless. We have over 1600 product lines…

    Please, simply adding the handle in the error line would an incredible improvement for minimal programming time from you guys.

    Please advise,
    thank you,


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