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We help people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. And we want to give every developer in the world a platform to make commerce better for everyone.

Thousands of apps, powering millions of businesses

Merchants have a diverse set of needs, and developers have a unique opportunity to meet those needs. The Shopify ecosystem is a force multiplier in our mission—we can’t build a world with more entrepreneurs without the help of developers like you.

Through the Shopify App Store, we empower developers to solve business challenges for our merchants. The opportunity is massive:

3 in 4

Merchants use apps*


Apps installed on average by merchants who use apps*


Merchants on Shopify*


Countries where merchants are from*

Advancing opportunities for developers

There’s more than one way to be an entrepreneur on Shopify. Just like merchants, we want developers to have opportunities for independence. We see the entrepreneurial spirit in the many developers who build apps for Shopify, and our commitment is to continue creating new ways for you to grow your own businesses.

We want every app developer on the Shopify App Store to be successful. That starts with making it easier to build on our platform, including continued improvements to billing infrastructure, documentation, and more.


Gross app installs in 2020


Apps in the Shopify App Store*

$230M+ (USD)

App developer earnings in 2020


Apps accepted from submissions in 2020

A platform designed to support you

More than 3,800 developers build for the Shopify App Store. In January 2021, nearly 800 new apps were submitted for review.

Maintaining a high-quality platform requires continual investment. We have to ensure a secure, trustworthy, and easy-to-use experience for everyone. It’s a standard we hold for ourselves and for the partners who build on our platform. To support building the world’s best commerce ecosystem, developers participate in a revenue share that goes toward:


Tools that help you build smart and fast, including APIs, SDKs, the CLI and a billing system.


Discovery and distribution to merchants around the world.


Maintaining a safe, healthy, and efficient ecosystem with app reviews, governance, and a highly trained support team.

We know the Shopify ecosystem can be complex, and one solution rarely works for everyone. We continually evaluate our model to support what’s best for merchants and developers, using our mission of making commerce better for everyone as a guide.

* as of December 2020

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